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The last 3 digits swift code entered wrong branch. I asked to recall the international transfer. Where is my money could be?

If the swift code + account number results in a meaningless account that doesn't exist [statistically the more likely option], then you are in luck: Eventually the receiving bank will acknowledge the ...
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LMS Code for making international transfer

This is clearly a scam. Please be aware that anyone can set up a web site claiming to be a bank. This web site is clearly bogus: Googling "United Falcon" reveals several non-banking ...
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Is a tcp code fee a legit fee what is a tcp code

Anytime somebody wants you to pay money to get your money, it is a scam. In your case they want you to pay money to get money you never knew about. That also means it is a scam. If there was a ...
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I need to make an international wire transfer in 2-3 days -- how can I do that?

Generally the amount of time to complete a SWIFT wire transfer is rarely up to the sending bank. If you're transferring from a large bank directly connected to the SWIFT network (no intermediaries on ...
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