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Why are ETFs so bad at tracking Japanese indices?

There are sites that track tracking errors e.g. here If you trust this site, you can see that there is no significant tracking error
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Why are ETFs so bad at tracking Japanese indices?

Yes, the ETF return you quoted is in euros, whereas the Nikkei 225 index is denominated in yen. The yen has depreciated substantially against the euro over the last 5 years. Thus, the ETF gives a ...
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Is it better, financially, to invest in a property or in ETFs?

Deciding on it depends on three factors for you: your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. When deciding whether to invest in commercial property or ETFs, consider your risk ...
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Options to invest after maxing IRA

Index funds are simply mutual funds or ETFs that follow the definition of a index. An index is a basket of companies that are picked because the represent something. Some indexes focus on a country or ...
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Options to invest after maxing IRA

My company offers a Simple IRA where they match 3% to what I put. I can only put in a max of $16,000 per year. I'm guessing they match you contributions up to a maximum 3% of your salary, which is ...
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