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transferring amount between saving and NRO

Not taxable in India to you. Not taxable to you in US (if you are a US person) - only that in case of gift in excess of $100000 in a tax year, reporting need to be made to IRS in Form 3520. While ...
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I need help to understand Income tax will be applicable if working in Saudi Arabia and salary transfer to Indian account

If the salary is getting credited in Indian bank account, it is taxable as per Indian tax law. Ideally you should get it credited in a bank account in Saudi Arabia & then remit it back to India. ...
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Kiwi Lad In Need

Anything which offers you a large amount of money in a few hours, no skill required, is going to be either dangerous, unpleasant, expensive, scam, illegal, or some combination of the above. The only ...
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Kiwi Lad In Need

I'd advise against borrowing if you can avoid it, especially if you have no income with which to pay it back. I also don't think it's realistic to raise the money in a few hours. Hate to be blunt, ...
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