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I think the Advanced Portfolio report may provide the information you want. It is found under Assets & Liabilities in the Reports menu.


Budgeting is different than accounting. Makes sense that you would want to track the whole payment as an 'expense' for the purposes of your family budget, but only part of it is really an expense from a proper accounting perspective: The interest part. Don't use gnucash for budgeting. In Gnucash, allocate the principal part of the payment to your mortgage ...


I like the "equity hack" provided by tristano because my problem has been using the Budgeting tool to track budget vs. actuals. How do you create a budget for monthly loan payments? By creating a full amortization schedule for interest (expense) and principal (liability) transfer? The equity hack solves the budgeting problem for me because I'm too ...


My broker's end-of-month and end-of-year statements provide the capital gain total per security. Check to see if yours does. If so, add the capital gain for open positions and you have the total. If your broker doesn't offer this then place all closed trades in a spreadsheet, sort by security and determine the sum per security. Then add the capital gain ...

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