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Is that really accurate? What are my options? The only people who can definitively answer both of these question are the IRS. You should look up the nearest office at They will have copies of all the documents so you can double check their work on your own. I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND paying this. File an ...


The other answers have addressed whether and how "is that [tax] really accurate". As to "what are my options" and more concretely "Can I make the payment online?": YES -- the IRS makes it as easy as they can for you to pay them. (Gee, I wonder why they would want that.) The nav bar at the top of every page on their website has a prominent link to https://...


Is that really accurate? Your sheet shows an income that would put you in the 24% marginal tax bracket in 2018 The tax is $1668 on almost $7000 of taxable income, not $6000. That is 24%. The extra $89 interest. So yes, it is accurate. You seem to not be disputing the unemployment payment amount. Is the interest income accurate, about $1000?


Is that really accurate? You need to find the 1099-G forms that you should have received from the state. It is possible that it didn't get to you because in another question from a year ago you mentioned that you worked in several states. The IRS did get a copy of the 1099-G and are now reconciling all the forms they received with the SSN numbers to make ...


Yes, unemployment is taxable. You didn't specify a state, so here's what Maryland says: Are unemployment insurance payments taxable? Yes. Any unemployment insurance benefits that you receive must be reported as part of your gross income for both state and federal tax purposes. To assist you in filing your tax returns, we will send you an IRS Form ...


I am not familiar with US tax system but my general advice is to call IRS using number from a reliable source and ask them. The interest penalty is usually non negotiable but it makes no harm to just ask. If the notice is real I suggest you pay the amount within the due date to avoid additional interest.

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