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Re-characterization of Roth IRA to Traditional IRA Form 8606

The recharacterization makes it so that, for tax purposes, it is treated as if you never contributed to Roth IRA, and you contributed $6000 to a Traditional IRA on the original date you made the ...
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How to correct a Roth conversion pro-rata rule mistake on form 8606?

I have an after-tax IRA and pre-tax IRA No, you don't. There's no such thing as "pre-tax" IRA or "after-tax" IRA, there's only... IRA. There are two types of IRA: "...
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IRA - Back Door Conversion, Tax Filling - 1040, 8606 and 1099R

As you said you have 2 recharacterizations and 2 conversions. However, even though the recharacterization of your 2016 contribution occured in 2017, it should have been reported on your 2016 taxes. If ...
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Catching up on 8606 forms for non-deductible IRA contributions

I don't think you are ever required to have third-party 'information' reports other than those used as evidence of withholding, as long as the information you put on your forms and schedules is ...
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Roth IRA recharacterizations, 1099-R, and Form 8606

Recharacterising your $5500 2020 contribution The recharacterisation deadline is the tax filing deadline [1], as opposed to the end of the year of the contribution. So you had until 17 May 2021 (2020'...
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During retirement, what if form 8606 is missed one year? Non-deductible traditional IRA contributions

Suppose that you have a basis (contributions for which you did not take a deduction) in your Traditional IRA, and reported these contributions on Form 8606 in the years that you made them (and so the ...
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Catching up on 8606 forms for non-deductible IRA contributions

I was able to get all the information I needed (just barely) so I thought I'd share to see if I can help anyone else. Anyone in this situation should try to fix it right away. Both banks and the IRS ...
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What are the appropriate forms to file when using a mega-backdoor?

The "Mega-Backdoor Roth" contribution option moves funds from a Traditional 401(k) -> Roth IRA while the "Backdoor Roth" contribution option moves funds from a IRA -> Roth ...
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