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Let's start at the end: you should really talk to a tax professional before you make any decisions. Your wife is a non-greed-card holding resident alien; she can become a nonresident alien once you move abroad, but even that isn't as intutitive as it seems. Once she is a nonresident alien, she may want to stop filing jointly with you, or maybe elect to ...


If she is no longer a US resident, then she should not be liable for US taxes. My wife is a US citizen and I am not. She works for a company I own (more importantly, she owns less than 10% of it). She does not pay self-employment tax to the USA.


US Federal Income Tax is not imposed on inheritances, and I suspect (though am not fully sure) that most States don't impose State Income Tax on inheritances (California and Taxachussetts might be notable exceptions). Estate taxes (if any) are paid by the estate before the inheritances are doled out, and so that is not an issue either. Just be sure to have ...

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