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Generally, a nonprofit that won't produce such documentation is ungrateful at the very least. That's very bad optics for a non-profit who depends on donations. So any responsible nonprofit manager will cheerfully fulfill your request for any reason, particularly "collecting more money!" to which they responded that they do not provide such ...


Thank you for your generous donation of [price omitted]. Your contribution was received on [date omitted]. Every dollar counts and we appreciate your contribution to our cause. That is your receipt.


In my experience I have received proof of contribution by one or more methods every time I make a contribution: Email from the charity Email from a 3rd party. That is when participating in a charity event such as domore24 or Giving Tuesday. End of year letter or email showing what was contributed for the entire year. In addition you may be able to use a ...


They did send you a receipt, it's just informal and not a separate document like a .pdf file. I can't speak for your employer but at least for the IRS, I think the email should suffice for the tax deduction on the donation. To directly answer your question: no, non-profits will pretty much always send you something resembling a receipt like an email. The ...

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