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The visa Api is limited to ten digits so $10b is the largest single transaction. With 1000 transactions per second capacity on the network.


I understand what you are thinking about the fact that you have a debit card means that, if your transaction is approved, you are guaranteed to have the money available to pay. However, what you are failing to understand is that, from the merchant’s perspective, this is true whether or not you use a debit or credit card, because if you have a credit card, ...


It’s precisely because a charge on a debit card won’t go through if you don’t have the money. If you trash your hotel room or crash your rental car, charging the repair cost to a credit card is more likely to succeed than charging it to a debit card. Remember, it’s the credit card company that takes the risk of you not paying, and not the retailer. The ...


If you buy a pack of gum with your credit card, the corner store gets your money immediately, the same as if you had paid with a debit card. If you fail to pay your credit card, it is the bank which issues your credit card which loses money. They are the ones who assess whether you will be able to use your card and repay it; the corner store has no ability ...

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