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MoneySavingExpert has a free CreditClub which allows you to check your Experian credit score for free once per month and gives an eligibility score for various credit cards or loans.


You create free accounts with Experian (for Experian), ClearScore (for Equifax) and CreditKarma (for TransUnion). That covers the three main UK agencies, and will have no effect on your credit scores.


ClearScore provide a free monthly update, and no impact on your credit score. It also tracks your long term and short term debt, spending, and income. I've got no affiliation with them, but can recommend it.


Should I open a second credit card just to improve my credit score? No. But if your question had been: Should I open a second credit card? I'd say yes, probably. Your credit score is great. Don't worry about your score. You said: I wouldn't do so for any other reason; I would find it a minor hassle to keep track of multiple credit cards, and I personally ...


Speaking as someone who used to have multiple credit cards and now has no credit cards, I know just how easily and quickly credit cards can turn into very bad things. My credit score was around 750 the last time I checked it earlier this year when I bought a house, and I haven't had a credit card in over 10 years. I use a debit card from my credit union as a ...


Your credit score is already excellent, and increasing it from here will not help you in any meaningful way. In my opinion, you should not do anything you don’t really want to do in an attempt to increase your already excellent score. You need to be suspicious of advice from places like Credit Karma when they tell you that you need more credit cards, because ...

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