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Why would somebody return a shoe they already bought and then put it on layaway?

I think you’ve already figured out the answer. The person wants the shoes, but realizes that they don’t now have the money to spend on shoes, and buying now was a mistake. So they return the shoes, ...
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Is "buy now pay later" beneficial for consumer? (the four interest-free payments)

Companies attract new customers in several different ways. Each of these has a cost. They can buy expensive advertising, for example. Or they can have a sale where the items temporarily cost less. ...
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How do I track my spending on specific small-ticket purchases?

As Ben Miller notes in comments, one thing you can do is track the food in an app on your phone that tracks what you eat. There are several. That's best if you're looking to pay attention to ...
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How do I track my spending on specific small-ticket purchases?

I would suggest having a separate credit card for the items in question. Credit cards are not difficult to get or hard to carry around. Buy all your other items on your regular card and your junk ...
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