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For Discover Card's Secure Numbers, the rule is Secure account numbers always expire on the same date as your actual Discover Card account number. When your Discover Card is reissued with a new expiration date, it will be necessary to update the expiration information on any retailer's Web site where you have stored your actual card number or any secure ...


Not everyone pays their balance in full every month. They may not make interest off of you or me but they do make interest off of a lot of cardholders. In many cases, the interest is variable and the larger your (running) balance, the higher your rate. If you're close to your limit and making minimum payments, you can literally take decades to pay off $2,000 ...


I understand this would be super frustrating, but on the other hand this is nice because the company is protecting your identity, but they definitely dropped the ball not properly recording your personally identifying information (PII). Unfortunately, even though your PII was incorrectly input you will want to jump through the necessary hoops to verify your ...


Banks are subject to a variety of regulations created at different times in history. Regulations of human to human interaction was likely created by a different agency under a different congress and maintained by that agency, while regulations of ATMs that also accept check deposits is not governed under the same regulations, let alone checks deposited by ...


The Citi Card Virtual Account Numbers app allows you to choose the expiration time and dollar limit. Unfortunately they recently changed the app so you have to log in twice and go through 9 or 10 steps to access the web page! I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to get really annoyed.


According to Citi's FAQ, you should cancel the rewind on returned items that are still in tracking. What should I do if I return an item I am tracking? You should cancel the Price Rewind on Track Details Page on this website. Citi Price Rewind is not available on items that are returned That being said, there are no terms about how returned items are ...


You can select expiration date in Citibank's "Virtual Account Numbers" web app by first clicking "Generate (...)" link, then clicking "Advanced Options".


The best would be to spend the money in US dollars. Order something from eBay/Amazon, even for resale, or pay someone in the US for services that you don't care where they're coming from, etc.

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