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Co-signer or Buyer that is the question

The car and registration is solely in my name This may be your magic bullet. You own the car and have every right to demand it back. If she will not give it back willingly, call the police and see ...
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Co-signer or Buyer that is the question

So, what happened is that you bought a car on credit and also made an arrangement with your stepmom that she would cover the loan payments and get to use the car, and that after a year, she would buy ...
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Bought a lemon and the bill of sale has an incorrect price

As @littleadv said in the comments, "In California [and possibly other jurisdictions], buying a used car from a dealership comes with a mandatory cooling off period that cannot be waived." ...
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I co-signed for my son's car and he died. I told the bank to come get it and they told me they won't take it

Condolences on the loss of your son. Unfortunately, there probably isn't a lot to do here. A co-signer is equally responsible for repaying the loan as the borrower. From the finance company's ...
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