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Unemployment eligibility for U.S. citizen working overseas for California based company

See if you qualify for unemployment in all places where you have worked. If you worked in California within the last couple of years, check your eligibility with EDD. Do the same with the locality/...
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Is there a "Free File Fillable Forms" equivalent for CA Form 540 for California Income tax?

So California undoubtedly has an e-file program, but it appears to be geared towards professional or high volume tax preparers to electronically transmit returns in their so called California e-file ...
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Schedule CA 540 Part I Section A: what role do the little 'a' rows serve?

These correspond to the places on the federal tax return 1040 form that have a separate "a" line to the left of the main "b" line. If you look at the federal 1040 form, you will ...
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