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The formula is correct. You can't understand that formula because that web site's explanation is worthless. At first glance, you're always going to get a value of zero for the new calculation because you're calculating today's value based on multiplying by yesterday's value which on the first day is zero. What they fail to tell you is that: If there is ...


The linked page is a poor explanation. It doesn't even say how volume enters the indicator! Also it has a bizarre unsupported statement that "Using the Positive Volume Index is a profitable trading strategy." A better explanation includes the following notes: If volume today is less than or equal to volume yesterday: PVI = Previous PVI If there is ...


From Finance Formulas P = 100 r = 10% = 0.1 when n = 1, FV = 100 n = 2, FV = 210 n = 3, FV = 331 etc.

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