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For many people, Social Security benefits are taxable in part as ordinary income, and Social Security offers to withhold tax (at certain specific rates) from the benefit paid and send the money to the IRS as tax withheld. As much as 85% of the benefit might be taxable income to the beneficiary. The exact taxable amount is computed on a Worksheet that is not ...


To begin with: you only have to pay higher taxes on the part of your income that exceeds the threshold for the tax bracket. This threshold is 490 700 SEK for the income year 2019. That is, if you have a taxable income of 500 000 SEK you pay "normal" tax on 490 700 SEK and the higher tax rate on the remaining 9 300 SEK. You don't provide your Swedish income, ...


This is mostly speculation, but since nobody else has answered, I'll go ahead: It's more difficult to explain to many employees (who aren't all the kind of people who visit PF&M SE) what options even are, how to value them, and how to exercise them. So participation would probably be lower for an option-based ESPP.

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