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Every bank account I have requires two factor authentication to set up a new destination for your money, so if you have fingerprint authentication on your phone don't let them steal your phone and your finger


This is a completely routine thing, that information is required for any electronic transfers to take place. In theory they can use it to drain your money by initiating a transfer the same as if you were transferring money, but if an improper transfer were done your bank would reverse it if you tell them soon enough.


They can not drain your bank account unless they have your online banking credentials. Businesses do send their name and account number on letterheads, you know, so people can pay their invoices.


That sounds like a real pain. If I were in your shoes, I would try contacting the relevant regulatory body/consumer protection agency, which in this case, I believe, are one and the same: Although I'm not sure how much attention you're going to receive ...

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