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How Safe and Legitimate is Just Sort My Super

It's a cold call, and you don't even know whether they're really who they say they are. The experience with the recent Medibank Private cyber attack shows that even if you don't sign up with them, ...
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How Safe and Legitimate is Just Sort My Super

There is no ownership data available for Their Facebook page has only 16 likes. That's a pretty large fee they're seeking. They're cold calling. I'd say that they are new and sketchy ...
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I've been offered to join a company with a base salary plus shares but i have no experience in this. Can someone please help?

There's no advice on the terms you want in your employment - either the company will accept them, or it won't. There's nothing you can do to "force" them to accept your terms. And putting ...
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How is payroll tax calculated in Queensland?

In Queensland, payroll tax is imposed by the Payroll Tax Act 1971. Section 10 of the Act provides that the tax is 4.75% of the "taxable wages" paid by the employer, or 4.95% for employers ...
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What address should I key in when using a friend's credit card?

Customer Details (Name, Address, Contact No.) Shipping Details (Name, Address, Contact No.) Credit Card Details (Name, Card No.) Normally the credit card wants to know the billing address, to match ...
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Selling overseas stocks and Australian tax obligations

I assume that you are an Australian resident for tax purposes. Disposing of shares, including foreign shares, is a CGT event which results in a capital gain or loss, and must be reported in your tax ...
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Determining the Amounts Owed for an Australian Personal Loan

As mentioned in the comment - you should talk to an Australian lawyer about your rights in this situation. Generally, from my layman understanding of bankruptcy laws (which are fairly similar in most ...
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