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What does 'pro rata' mean in an agreement?

It's $1200 per month. The 'pro rata' means if you work less than one month, you still get compensated - so e.g. if you work only 2.5 months then you are paid $1200 x 2.5 = $3000.
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What does 'pro rata' mean in an agreement?

Pro Rata is the lawyer’s fancy way of saying ‘proportionally’. It means that for incomplete months the amount gets proportionally adjusted, like 1/30 for one day, 2/30 for two days, etc.
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Declining Binding Arbitration on credit card accounts

Is there a way to specifically reach out to these card providers and opt-out of the binding arbitration? If you already have a card from them, you are bound by the current agreement. They have zero ...
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How do I go about seeking capital/investment to develop/build a sustainable farm

To be honest, it always starts with you. Write a business plan, not so much for the sake of investors (although you'll need it if you decide you want to raise money) but because it helps you clarify ...
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Can I include GST, parking costs and Society Charge in Indian mortgage?

Yes GST, parking and society one time maintenance can be included in the agreement. There is no restrictions on what can be included in agreement. What is important is the wording of the agreement. ...
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What actual amount is considered by a bank for a home loan?

Each bank makes its own decisions regarding the value used as the basis of the mortgage, and I can’t say definitively what that basis is. However, in Australia (and I’d imagine elsewhere as well), ...
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What actual amount is considered by a bank for a home loan?

What the bank has to consider is the market value because that's an indication of what they could resell the property for if the debtor defaulted. That's also why banks normally do their own ...
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