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An ISA is a financial product available to residents in the United Kingdom. It is designed for the purpose of investment and savings with a favourable tax status.

I found the answer in an official government document, titled Help to Buy: ISA scheme outline 3.9 As is currently the case, it will only be possible for a saver to subscribe to one cash ISA per … year. It will therefore not be possible for an account holder to subscribe to a Help to Buy: ISA with one provider, and another cash ISA with a different provider. It doesn't explicitly say that …
answered Dec 30 '15 by user56reinstatemonica8
I have a Help to Buy ISA and a regular Cash ISA with one provider, A, who treat both products as one ISA under one wrapper. I've got another older Cash ISA with provider B who over a better interest … rate for normal Cash ISAs but a worse deal on Help to Buy. What I'd like to do is: Transfer my regular cash ISA balance, deposited last year, from provider A to provider B Continue paying every …
asked Sep 3 '17 by user56reinstatemonica8
Suppose I've opened a cash ISA this tax year, and I top it up every month. It's not yet reached the yearly maximum of £15,240. As I understand it, I can't open a second cash ISA this tax year, but I … can open a stocks and shares ISA, so long as I don't invest more than £15,240 between the two. Can I open a Help To Buy aka First Time Buyer's ISA? (obviously assuming I meet the first time buyer's …
asked Dec 30 '15 by user56reinstatemonica8