So today I went to return a Christmas gift i bought myself because I realized it was a impulse by and not something I would actually wear. I went to the Gucci store and gave the jacket to one of the store personnel he inspected it and processed my refunded without any concerns or questions. I received a call about a hour later from the store saying that the jacket was dirty and for me to go back to the store to get it that they will be doing a charge back. This is a $2,700 jacket that was checked completely by the store before I was able to return it how it got dirty i dont know and i doubt it was in my possession when it did because I didn't even get a chance to wear it. Just wondering if it is even possible for my refund to be canceled after I have left the store. If the jacket was dirty like they say it shouldn't of been excepted and the refund should of been denied. Could I possible be looking at my refund being charged back or is that not even possible?