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Is this a good way to invest 100K (buy to rent)?

I would like your input on how to best invest 100K€. This is all the money I have and I don't feel comfortable having this much money in my bank account. Now I am living in a student city where rent prices are relatively high and demand for rent is really big.

Initially I thought about taking a mortgage and buying a decent apartment for myself, but I don't want to spend 10K€+ on various mortgage fees (excluding interest rate), therefore I thought about buying a small 1 room relatively new studio and rent it out. The price for such studio is indeed around 100K€.

According to my calculations I could get around 500€ net each month from renting. I know that's not a lot of money, considering I might need to do repairs for my studio and perhaps deal with bad renters, but at least I know I have my money really secure. I assume having real estate in a good popular city is much more secure way of keeping money than having it in a bank account (I know nothing about stocks and other type of investments)?

I myself would live in a rented apartment as well, for which I would pay ~1000€+ a month. The reason I am not buying such apartment myself, is because a) I don't want to pay large initial mortgage fees and b) I want to stay flexible and have a possibility to change my location whenever I want.

P.s. I am single, have no debt and 26 y/o in The Netherlands.