I am looking for reference material. I am trying to get some sort of outlining to questions such as:

 1. why did so many US companies become global-dominating after the WW2?
 2. could such domination be possible without such extreme situations?
 3. to which extent theories and stories about things such as `"intrinsic factor"` are bluff?
 4. what about other cases over centuries?

Please, do not try to answer the 4 above questions because they are too broad. I am looking for high-quality reference that would advance this area with themes such as `"war economy"`.  And please do not provide me answer about more X-trinsic stuff unless you can provide historical context. Please, note that this kind of extreme situations are very different to environments we have now, they were much more restricted with high level of protectionism. So to which extent the sucesses are skill or luck -- I do not know. Something to keep in mind though:

> "It takes between 20 and 800 years of
> monitoring performance to
> statistically prove that a money
> manager is skillful rather than lucky
> - which is a lot more than most people have in mind when they say 'long-term'
> [track record]." Ted Aronson, "Confessions of a Fund Pro", Money, Feb 1999, pp. 73-75.