No. That's what "friend" means. 
The very definition of a friend is someone who knows you well, *you know well*, can be presumed to help you move**, and would never rip you off. 

If you are not properly using the word "friend", you may want to work on that.  After all, *language* is shared - it's the medium by which we communicate.  So common meanings are very important.  If you say "friend", **we have to take that at face value**, based on the common meaning.  

Social media sites don't help at all, using words like "friend" to mean nothing but the most tenuous connection.  We also see people use the word "girlfriend" to describe someone they have only known by text message, and have never heard their voice, do not know their last name, *and are actually being catfished* for money.


    A friend will help you move. 
    A real friend will help you move a body.
    But the truest friend will help you move BOOKS.