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Is it a scam when a contract employer asks me to forward money to other workers through my bank?

I have applied for a job as a translator in a UK based company via Indeed, working from home. Everything about it looked legit - regular contact information, addresses, interview (even though ...
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My foreign employer want me to provide them invoices in order to have me onboard a remote job. I don't know what to do

I have recently received a job offer from a foreign company, the remote job is about programming and the requires me to be able to send them "the invoices" if I want to take the offer. So I ...
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Taxes on out-of-state income due to working remotely during pandemic

An employer located in VT (USA) has employees who live in VT and NH. All of these employees were accustomed to commuting, as it is not a job which lends itself easily to remote work. Due ot the ...
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Can 2020 workplace for state income taxes be changed retroactively due to COVID?

We are residents of Pennsylvania. I work in Pennsylvania and my wife works in Delaware. Like many people working office jobs last year, we started working at home in mid-March 2020. My wife was ...
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If I move out of state for 6 months to work remote, how do I setup my tax residence?

Currently my wife and I are living in California. I work remote for a company there. I am not a US citizen but I have an EAD (work authorization) in case it matters. So for now, I have been a ...
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What is my registered address for UK car insurance?

I am about to buy a car and I need to put down my registered address for both the car insurance and VC5 logbook etc. I own a house in City X, and this is where I work and vote etc. However, due to ...
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I work from home in Texas but my projects are for clients in different states (CA, PA, TX)

I work from home in Texas for a consulting firm but my projects are located in multiple states. I have two scenario questions. Scenario 1: I never travel outside of TX for work. Do I need to pay state ...
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I work remotely for a company in another state. Both states are witholding taxes from my paycheck. Is this right?

I live in Pennsylvania. I work full time 100% remotely for a company that is located in Connecticut. On my first paycheck I was surprised to find that I was having state income tax withheld by both ...
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Working remotely from Germany into a foreign country

I am German citizen and got excited about remote positions. However, how does that work with German health insurance, German retirement plans and so on? Is there a possibility to still be employed in ...
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Taxes & Work Authorizations for US Citizen Working in US for Ireland-based Company

I'm applying to a remote job that is based in Ireland. I live in and would work from the US. One of the questions on the application made me pause: "Do you require visa sponsorship?" Obviously, I ...
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Working remotely and live in 6 countries annually - where will I pay my tax

Working as a software engineer for a French company and working fully remote. The contract is freelance so I am paid the full amount and required to file & pay taxes myself. I will be living in ...
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Tax deduction for work-space-in-the-home expenses

For reference, I am in Ontario, Canada, I am an hourly non-exempt employee (T4 is issued every year, entitled to overtime pay if working more than 8h a day, 1.5X pay + statutory holiday pay [such as ...
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Where to pay tax when working remotely from the UK for a foreign company?

There are similar questions but I believe my circumstances are slightly different. I am a British citizen, from birth, and have been living in Malta for over a year while working for several ...
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What taxes do I pay working remotely for a UK based company while living in the US?

I am UK citizen and will be moving to the US in January next year to marry my fiancé, but I'm going to continue working for my UK based company remotely from the States. Will I need to pay income tax ...
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New small business starter here, need help with IRS 1099 info

I'm a current college student in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, who is looking to gain some extra income, due to current my unfavorable employment situation. I recently set up a dedicated blog and signed ...
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Making extra money on the side [closed]

I was hoping to get some ideas about how to make extra money. I'm currently working as an undergraduate researcher for next to nothing, it allows me to pay rent but only barely. I need to make some ...
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Working two jobs (one remotely to NZ). What should I do about taxes?

I currently live in the UK. I work full time (37.5 hours a week) at an agency. I get paid a fixed salary for this. I've been approached by someone in New Zealand to hire me by working remotely, I ...
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Living in Texas and remote working for job in NC. Should I pay state taxes for NC?

I am full time resident of Texas where there is no state tax but I am remote-working for company located in NC. Do I need to pay state tax for NC? Please help. Thanks in advance.
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UK Resident exploring freelance work for a Swiss Company

I'm not currently registered as self-employed but have been offered a work opportunity by a Swiss Company, working from my home in the UK, on an hourly rate. How can I work and pay my NI / Tax ...
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Transfering my wife's personal allowance - Zero tax?

According to my calculations, my annual income of 30k as a sole trader will be taxed at 0 pounds, but I'm wondering if this is wrong? 30,000 minus two personal allowance is 13,800 taxable income. ...
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What home expenses can I claim back from working full time at home for a business in the UK?

Our company is considering no longer having an office and making all the staff work from home. We all work primarily online running a website, so our work is done purely on a computer. With working ...
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What are some odd jobs you can do while working from home? [closed]

I work from home as a software developer and, as a result, I have a flexible schedule and a few hours of downtime each day. I've been thinking it would be nice to earn a little extra money, especially ...
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What warnings would you tell a friend about to enter a multi-level marketing (MLM) business venture?

Imagine you had a friend who was about to join a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, despite your advice to the contrary. Another friend or family member had already convinced them the opportunity ...
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Can I claim a tax deduction for working from home as an employee? I work there 90% of the time

I'm working for a company as a computer programmer, but 90% of my work is done at my apartment. Let's say I have an exclusive space for the work in my apartment, can I claim tax deduction for the ...
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