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How do I get over-withheld tax from 2017-2022 back as an non-resident alien?

I’ve worked as a freelancer from Europe with an American art agency for years and still get some royalties. In 2017 they suddenly changed the tax withholding from 0% to 10% this was not correct but I ...
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Does dividend tax witholding mean that ETFs aren't necessarily great for personal pensions overseas?

Question For tax-shielded personal pensions (US IRAs, UK SIPPs), should one prefer to "manually replicate" ETFs by holding stocks directly instead of buying ETFs, to avoid US withholding tax ...
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Overwithholding due to wrong address

Former company in NY has the wrong address for me on file. The address is in the city and because of that it has withheld city taxes in addition to NY state taxes. I don't live there, I moved outside ...
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US Tax withholding on business expenditure paid for using Amazon gift cards

If I have to pay a US individual $1,000 fee for professional services, and i don't pay him in cash but instead give him an Amazon gift card for the same amount, will it be deductible under business ...
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My company, located in a different state, is not withholding local taxes for me

I am a resident of Maryland and I recently began working remotely for a company located in a different state. This company is not deducting local taxes from my paycheck. Will I incur a penalty for not ...
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Does it ever make sense for a non-US investor to buy US stocks for the dividend?

Given there's a 30% dividend withholding tax, could it still make sense to buy US stocks for the dividend? Given US dividend-paying companies usually have a longer track record of dividend payments ...
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W4 - Questions on Tax Withholding Estimator

Both my husband and I (married and filling taxes together) just moved to the US and starting jobs in a week. In both jobs they have asked us to fill the W4, and I've filled the Tax Withholding ...
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Is there any tax liability for non-residents who withdraw investment income into a UK bank account?

Let's say Bob is a resident and tax domiciled somewhere outside the UK, e.g. Singapore. Bob opened a stock brokerage account with a European broker, and the account is funded through a UK-based ...
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How can Canadians recover U.S. withholding taxes on U.S. stock dividends?

I'm Canadian, but I like U.S. ETFs because there's more variety than Canadian ETFs. What means "recoverable" below? 100% fully refundable to me? How do I recover U.S. withholding taxes? ...
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