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Questions tagged [welfare-benefits]

Questions about government-sponsored need-based welfare benefits, also known as public aid. This includes questions about government nutrition assistance programs (food stamps), housing assistance, etc. This does not include mandatory government insurance programs, such as Social Security, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, universal health care, etc., which have their own tags.

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2 answers

Is it possible to get food stamp or financial assistance for early retirement

Say if you retire early with 500k in saving but you lose all your income, do you count as low income and can get some sort of financial assistance e.g. food stamps or having that 500k disqualifies you ...
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Wife created her own SNAP/EBT (Kentucky) case while on my mother-in-laws case, can this really lead to an investigation?

I'm not overly familiar with SNAP/EBT policies, my girlfriend and daughter were on my mother in law's case(we live on the same property) but after a disagreement my wife called and removed herself ...
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How do I determine what benefits I could claim?

I work and my girlfriend is on benefits. Recently I have been staying for free with family and friends (not paying rent or contributing to bills). I want to move into my girlfriend's house. How do I ...
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Claiming UK benefits with a SIPP/ISA

I am ask for a friend, who is expecting hard times soon. My friend is not computer literate, and I know nothing of the UK benefits system. The best information I can find is How do savings and lump ...
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Who is going to pay for the October furlough (UK) and ~1K/week (USA)? [closed]

Forgive me if this seems like a dumb question but I'm serious. Could someone point me to an answer? A US economist friend of mine told me "no, they won't raise taxes because they want to stimulate ...
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Is $133 USD per month once critical living expenses are covered considered poverty-level living in the USA?

I have just finished programming a computer program which takes all my known, fixed incomes (sadly only one: welfare) and expenses (rent, food, medicine, basic Internet) for the last three months, ...
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Does receiving Carer's Allowance count towards hours for Working Tax Credits?

I know this is the sort of of question that ought to be easily available on the web site, but having searched for ages, and found conflicting information on external sites I'm looking for some ...
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Is there a list of financial assistance programs in Ontario, for the poor but not disabled?

As nobody in my family is disabled, we probably don't qualify for Ontario Disability Support Program. But we're indigent, and I'm downcast to find out only about OESP today! I know about the big ones ...
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Can my grandfather receive money in the state of Wisconsin if he's unemployed?

Please read entire post before answering. Hello! My grandfather has lived here in the U.S for the past eight years. He immigrated here in 2010 and does have a green card (no citizenship). He also has ...
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How are fraudulent food stamp redemptions actually turned into cash?

This news article describes a bar being shut down because they were accepting food stamps for drugs and lap-dances. The USDA described how they investigate and fight fraud. Analysis shows that the ...
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Is it ok to withdraw from 403b and 401a while collecting unemployment?

Do I need to claim it as earned income and chance not getting unemployment benefits for that week. The choices says retirement 401k but not 401A or 403B. Plus its not earned income. I withdrew early ...
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Is my mother eligible for SNAP?

My mother is 75, and after my father's death started collecting around $1600 a month in SS. Her property taxes alone each year take most of that money. Add payments, food, car insurance etc, and she ...
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How long can I go out-of-state and keep receiving CalFresh (food stamps in California)?

There are two parts to this question: How long can I legally leave California for, and still be eligible to keep receiving food stamps? I know I can use my food stamps out-of-state, but I've also ...
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Separated spouse filed for SNAP benefits as single. Does this affect ability to file taxes jointly?

I'm asking for a friend who is separated from her spouse, but not divorced yet. Her ex filed for SNAP benefits (food stamps) as single during a couple of months while unemployed in another state. ...
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Will my father still be eligible for SNAP if I claim him as my dependent?

My income is over $50K/year. I am 30 years old. My father's income from ALL sources is $0/year. My father is 55 years old. I give $1,000/month via online banking transfer to my father. He also gets $...
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