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How do wealthy folks protect heaps of money, specifically relating to bank collapse [duplicate]

Given the recent Silicon Valley Bank issues, what do the wealthy do to protect their fortune? If you have it sitting in a bank, it's vulnerable if the bank is poorly managed. The stock market seems ...
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Should a person sell all/some/none of the stock they receive when their former employer goes public

Consider a person with the following financial situation: An annual income in the 150-250 thousand $/year range Savings in the 250-750 thousand $ range (invested in Vanguard ETFs, for example) A ...
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What does "not touching the principal" actually mean?

When talking about "trust fund children" or large savings it's common to hear the phrase "not touching the principal", which means that only the "earnings" from the money ...
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How to protect your money from a hyperinflation? [duplicate]

Let’s say someone supposedly fears a hyperinflation and hence the devaluation of money (or historically speaking the implementation of a new currency, e.g. post-war Germany). This extreme inflation is ...
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Is it even possible for billionaires to spend their money? [closed]

Even if they sold everything they're limited by regulations to a few percent per year. Since billionaires have maybe a few decades left to live its not even possible. If they donated shares then the ...
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What am I not considering in my current Financial Plan?

Standard Caveat: I understand the opinions expressed on this forum do not represent financial or legal advice. With that said, I have a long term goal to preserve and build wealth (in that order) and ...
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For a risk-averse investor, is it ever justifiable to invest in real estate over an index fund?

Let's say I have a chunk of cash sufficient to cover a 50% down payment on an average house (£600k). Or, buy an inexpensive house outright. Let's also say I must use the money for real estate—I cannot ...
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In USA can I offset capital gains from the sale of a business with capital losses from stocks?

I recently sold a business and will receive a pay-out spread over a couple of years. Each year I will receive a predefined sum, which will be reported as capital gains. Now, with the stock market ...
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Is currency value preservation considered a capital gain?

There are many ways a currency can lose its value. For example, during the financial crisis people were dumping GBP in favor of reserve currencies such as USD, which will probably happen again during ...
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How to start building wealth from a young age?

NECESSARY INFO Hi, I'm 15 years old. I just won $1200 from an editing project. I could spend all of the money on things like smartphones and stuff that I want. But I believe it's preferable to be ...
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What kind of customer tier should I be aiming at? [closed]

I have about 2M EUR of savings, in all kind of supports (the choice of the supports was random or historic - not driven by any reasonable financial analysis). Since I have no interest in managing ...
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How should I save money? [duplicate]

It has been about a year since I graduated college and started working. So far all my earnings are going into my checking account. Since I don't have much experience with managing my finances, I was ...
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What exactly is a wealth management platform?

I've Googled it. Trust me. It seems every site that talks about a wealth management platform already assumes one knows what this is. Is a wealth management platform a set of ideals, a software ...
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How to hire a professional for managing $5 million and above?

I need to hire a professional for managing an investment of $5 million and above. The goal of the investment is growth and wealth protection. I would like to hire a professional that I can fully ...
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Why is the highest quintile the only quintile whose wealth exceeds its income? [closed]

Based on this study, the highest quintile of the population is the only group whose wealth is greater than its income. Why might this be? Is it because they are more likely to inherit wealth from ...
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Advice on preserving wealth in a volatile economic/political country

I'm looking for some advice on how to best position myself in an country that faces a volatile economic future in the short/mid term ahead. Some background: I live in South Africa where our currency ...
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Good Money Habits and Principles [closed]

I want to know good money Habits that are universal and permanent. Where can I learn about them? Please help me with some sources.
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What else can I do aside from my job to accumulate wealth?

I have a 8-6 day job in which I trade most of my time in a day just for a mere wage of about 30k a year. I've found accumulating wealth through monthly wages too slow and works against me because I ...
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3-year horizon before trading up to next home: put windfall in savings, or pay off mortgage?

Summary: over the 3 years until I trade up to my family's next home, is it smarter to put my upcoming windfall (~$400K, earned over the next 3 years as I vest in stock) in a savings account (earning 0....
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How did Bill Gates actually make his money?

This is something that has always made me curious as heck. I don't really understand how corporate system works so please forgive me if the answer is extremely obvious. I realize Microsoft's history, ...
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1.4 million cash. What do I do?

I hit the jackpot by selling my start up for $1.4 million. Then I took a salaried job at $107k. I have no debt and own a fully paid-off house and car. For the rich this may sound like small money, but ...
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What is the best way to save money from inflation and currency devaluation?

I live in one of the poorest and corrupt countries in Asia. The government is incompetent and laws only apply to the poor. The economy is shrinking and currency is going through constant devaluation ...
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