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Can employers know employee age given a W-9 form?

The W9 doesn't specifically ask for age info, but given the other things like name, address, and TIN, would it possible (and legally viable) for the employer to perform some more research on you? This ...
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US taxes Filling in W9 form as a non-resident electing to be taxed as resident

My wife worked in the US in 2022 as an independent contractor on F1-OPT status. She was recently asked by her client to fill in a W9 form. The W9 form specifies that it is for US citizens, or US ...
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Does side-job with W-9 get listed as 2nd job in W-4 for new job?

I have a question regarding "multiple jobs" since my 2nd job is as an independent contractor and has a W-9. My previous main job (W-4) did overlap with the side job, but I will not work the ...
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Form W-9 for payments between property management companies

I collect rent on behalf of a client, deduct a management fee, then send the remaining rent to the client. One client's residential property is leased by a company who is a "master tenant." This ...
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Doing side work no LLC - what to do on W9 form?

I am doing some work for on the side for my former employer. They pay me via an application called square that I use. Its the end of the year so I asked them for a 1099 / W2 and they sent me a W9 ...
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