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Does side-job with W-9 get listed as 2nd job in W-4 for new job?

I have a question regarding "multiple jobs" since my 2nd job is as an independent contractor and has a W-9. My previous main job (W-4) did overlap with the side job, but I will not work the ...
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Form W-9 for payments between property management companies

I collect rent on behalf of a client, deduct a management fee, then send the remaining rent to the client. One client's residential property is leased by a company who is a "master tenant." This ...
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Doing side work no LLC - what to do on W9 form?

I am doing some work for on the side for my former employer. They pay me via an application called square that I use. Its the end of the year so I asked them for a 1099 / W2 and they sent me a W9 ...
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