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For questions related to measurements of the range of returns for a given equity, bond, or market index.

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At what point do index funds become unreliable?

Passively investing in exchange-traded funds that track some broad index is often recommended for private investors that don't have the time or expertise for active investment. In particular, index ...
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How to understand a volatility based ETF like VXX

The ETF VXX is based on the volatility index VIX. If volatility goes up, VIX goes up and VXX goes up. Similar thing for the downside. Now when I buy an ETF like SPY, I can conceptually understand that ...
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Mysterious stock dips [duplicate]

I am relatively new to the stock market and might not know all the useful terminology, so bear with me as I will do my best to explain what I am trying to grasp and hopefully I will be able to learn ...
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How come none of the VIX ETFs track the index exactly? [duplicate]

For example the VXX ETF ( does not track the index exactly (
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How can this stock have an intra-day range of more than 90% on 24Aug2015?

I am looking at this stock BKCC and was shocked at one point at its price of only $0.97. Just within 1 hour of opening, BKCC traded between $0.97 and $9.5. How can this be so, particularly when it is ...
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How to make money from a downward European market?

The trader Alessio Rastani speaks in a BBC interview about the development of the Euro zone and his predictions are quite severe. He predicts a crash within the next 12 months but is also telling ...
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How is "beta" relevant to long-term ETF investors?

A portion of my investment portfolio is in index-tracking ETFs. On the whole, my ETF portfolio is diversified across many countries and industries. I intend to hold these ETFs for 20-40 years. I ...
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Very short-term drop in stock price

When looking at stock price charts, you sometimes see a large drop in the price for just a short amount of time. Is this simply an error in the presentation of the chart, or has the price actually ...
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