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Questions tagged [visa]

For questions related to the card settlement company Visa. If the questions are not specific, then the tag credit-card should be used.

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Internationally issued Visa Credit Card fraudulently used in the US, possibly because merchant bypassed card security features. What are my options?

My internationally issued credit card was stolen, along with a lot of my personal items in the US. There was also a Apple credit card issued in the US that were stolen, but the fraudulent charges were ...
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Taxes and Visa Implication: Canadian citizen, Canadian payroll, working M-F in US

Tried to skim through all existing questions, but couldn't find a match to my situation - so any help or input appreciated. I'm looking at a possible scenario where I'm on the Canadian payroll (with ...
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Past employer should have withheld FICA taxes—but did not do so. What do I do now? (J-1 Visa)

I am an Indian citizen who moved to the United States on a J-1 visa. I worked for one employer for just over two years before moving to another employer for whom I worked for one year. I am now ...
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Is it possible to get a mortgage in the UK with a Tier2 ICT Visa

I currently live in the UK under a Tier 2 ICT visa and have been contemplating the idea of buying a house. Would I be able to get a mortgage with this kind of visa?
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Tax implication for a Temporary Resident in Australia while in another country?

I am a student in Australia (making me a Temporary Resident for Tax Purposes), and an Indian citizen. I work as a sole trader / self-employed individual (web development freelancing), and according to ...
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Working in the USA moving back to Canada

I am a Canadian currently working in the US for a company that offers a 401K. If I move back to Canada let's say half way through the year, is my 401K contribution limit prorated from $18500 to $9250? ...
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How do automated payment machines work?

There are lots of different self-service machines — vending machines, parking payments, etc. My question is: how do they transfer money? There are different brands of such systems. For example, I ...
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