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Questions tagged [visa]

For questions related to the card settlement company Visa. If the questions are not specific, then the tag credit-card should be used.

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3 answers

Is there any inherent difference between Visa and Mastercard credit cards?

Are there any inherent differences between a Visa credit card and a Mastercard credit card? Obviously, there can be huge differences between one Visa card and another. And between one Mastercard and ...
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How are Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass protected against unauthorized use?

Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass have similar description - the card is equipped with antenna that it uses to talk to the terminal. For small purchases (something like less that $50) the ...
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Can I preemptively pay my credit card bill before a charge is posted?

Today, I paid a $1000 bill with a credit card that has a $1500 credit limit. (Note, I have changed the numbers slightly here, but the ratios are roughly correct.) The bill has not yet been posted to ...
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42 votes
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Why do VISA "Electron" and Master Card "Maestro" cards have special limitations in when they technically work?

Translated by me to English from Swedish, from We welcome payments onboard with the following cards: American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard, Finnish bank cards, Master Card, VISA. ...
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Transferring balances left over prepaid credit cards

How can one transfer small balances, leftovers, on prepaid credit cards? I actually have 6 or 7 prepaid Visa or Mastercard cards left with balances between $1 and $4. I would like to get rid of them. ...
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In what countries can credit card merchants use address verification?

Usually when you pay with a Visa or MasterCard online you have to provide a billing address. Many online shops, especially from the United States, will only send purchases to the cardholders billing ...
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2 answers

Is there any reason to prefer Visa or Mastercard?

My Italian bank, Fineco, offers me Visa or MasterCard credit cards at (apparently) the exact same conditions. IIRC when I first requested it a few years ago, it was just a checkbox in the contract ...
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Does mechanically disabling payWave/PayPass by punching a hole formally invalidate the card?

There's a bit of paranoia about whether payWave/PayPass contactless payments technology is fully secure and some people are willing to disable those in their cards. This post and this post explain how ...
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Make Visa, hybrid debit/credit card default to credit mode?

I have a Visa, "hybrid" debit/credit card. Is there a way to make it act as a credit card by default so I don't have to hit "cancel" or "ok" when checking out, just to get it to use credit mode?
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