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Paying taxes after Google Play ad revenue

I tried Googling everywhere but failed miserably. Could anyone tell me some reliable resources on paying taxes after ad revenue gained from apps uploaded to Google Play? As far as I know In my ...
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Do I need to get a business license if I charge users to play on my Minecraft server?

Mojang (the developer of Minecraft) has recently stated that server owners may charge users access to their server, so I know they allow it (source). My only question is whether I need a business ...
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Are there any services/sites/organizations/clubs at which video games can be traded?

My family plays a lot of video games (PS3 and Nintendo DSi) - are there cheaper alternatives to buying the games new? Library service of sorts? Wishful thinking?
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What are good games to play to teach young children about saving money?

I've heard that giving allowance is one approach to develop an understanding of money management. What other ways are available to teach kids about the benefits of savings?
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