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Do I need a green card if I want to find an investor for my startup? [closed]

Should I either wait until I get my Green Card( maybe 6 months) or can I reach to investors with my EAD card if I have a complete mobile application ready to launch + a business plan for that? PS: I ...
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What “how you might run the business if capital were free” even mean?

I am reading “The hard thing about hard things” by Ben Horowitz, and there he mentions an advice from a venture capitalist who said, “Ben, think about how you might run the business if capital were ...
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What is a reasonable ROI on friends & family capital loan for startup venture?

Every investor obviously interested in max ROI but what is a realistic ROI an investor would seek on a capital loan for startup venture? What is a reasonable duration for that receiving back the ...
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If I raised X dollars of venture capital for my startup business, is that X dollar my personal money now? [duplicate]

If I sell a portion of my startup business to a venture capitalist for X dollars for the purpose of raising funds, is that X dollars my own personal money that I can do whatever I want with? Or am i ...
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What do VCs or angel investors really do for their invested businesses? [closed]

I have seen angel investors / venture capitalists on shows like 'Shark Tank' who make claims about how they will benefit the businesses the invest in, more than just that investment. They make claims ...
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