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For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of Venezuela.

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The Venezuela Stock Market Crashed 99.90% on March 15th, 2021. What happened and why? Was looking at the graph above for the Venezuela Stock Market and the Caracas Stock Exchange Stock Market Index crashed 99.90% over the weekend of ...
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How can I send dollars to a person in Venezuela? [closed]

Is there any way to send US dollars to a person in Venezuela? As I understand it, there is crazy inflation in Venezuela right now and the "official" rate for dollar to Bolivar exchange is wildly ...
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Why are there two exchange rates for Venezuela's currency?

On DolarToday, the actual exchange rate between BsF (Bolívares fuertes) and the U.S. dollar can be found. However, in other places you will read that the exchange rate is about 6.4:1 (Bolivares ...
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Why do people buy US dollars on the black market?

I was reading news articles about people in Venezuela and Iran getting a poor exchange rate for US dollars on the black market. Why do these people need to buy dollars? Why is it still worth while ...
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