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Are miles driven for business deductible expenses if the travel expenses are reimbursed?

I completed some work for an organization. I was paid as an independent contractor and expect to be issued a 1099. For one part of the work, I was required to travel a significant distance (by car). ...
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Capital gains when selling my boat and HST in Ontario Canada

Someone gifted me a boat and provided me with the original receipt that shows what they paid for it. I can see they paid $47000 + HST (=$53110). If I sold the boat to a friend for $50000, do I need ...
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How to account for depreciation and inflation adjustment on GnuCash?

I've been using GnuCash to track only my money and securities. Now, I wanna use it to track also my fixed assets so that I have a more accurate estimation of my net worth. One fixed asset I have is a ...
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Can I sell my business car to myself (personal)?

I am seeking to change the ownership of my vehicle from my business to myself? In other words, the vehicle will no longer be used for business purposes - just for personal. Now, my accountant ...
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