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A variable annuity is a tax-deferred retirement vehicle that allows for the accumulation of capital on a tax-deferred basis. It offers investors the ability to invest professionally managed sub accounts consisting of various asset classes (stocks, bonds and money market funds).

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Variable Annuity Vs Roth IRA Vs 401K. Pros & Cons of Investment Plans

I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of Variable Annuity products like Mass Mutual Transitions Select. I worked for a few employers for a short term like 1 to 2 years and had 401K with them. ...
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Transferring IRA funds into Spousal Roth IRA

I have a Variable Annuity IRA from which I am taking distributions which exceed my RMD. That excess distribution has been previously rolled over into my Roth IRA. Is it allowable to roll over these ...
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Why would I want to hold a variable Annuity in a Roth IRA?

After college I started contributing to a Roth IRA through a financial advisor that I knew and trusted. I had it for 10 years, then in 2009 I moved and found a new advisor based on a referral from ...
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How can "fund performance" and "unit values" go in opposite directions?

I have a "variable annuity" with Lincoln. They have a "historic unit values" page that says fund X increased 40% since the end of last year, to yesterday. And that fund Y increased 23%. But they ...
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Employer rollover from 403b to 401k?

Can an Employer convert from an existing 403b plan (variable annuity) and transfer all assets to a new employer sponsored 401k plan?
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Variable Annuity inside a Roth IRA? What is this and how can I switch it to something else?

Right out of college I started a Roth IRA through a financial advisor that I knew in school. I had it for a few years, then in 2004 he called me up and wanted to switch it to a "Flexible Premium ...
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Can I roll my non-qualified variable annuity into a tradional IRA?

I have a variable annuity that I invested $80,000 into 10 years ago. Performance has been horrible and I'm down to $72,000. I am 38 and want to put into a traditional IRA. Are there tax consequences ...
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Evaluating Fees Involved with Combining IRAs

I have several Simple IRAs with several different companies a few of which are not being contributed to actively. I recently received the advice that "as a rule" having a single account is better. ...
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At retirement age, can I roll my IRA variable annuity into a bank IRA?

I have reached retirement age and have a variable annuity with Hartford. I would like to get out of the annuity and roll over into a bank account IRA. I have held the product for 12 years and there ...
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Who buys variable annuities?

Last year the people making my taxes suggested a variable annuity instead of my traditional IRA. This variable annuity was supposed to guarantee 8% return year after year with no exception or market ...
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