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Questions tagged [vanguard]

For questions relating to Vanguard mutual funds, ETF's, IRA's, and other financial products.

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Investing in index funds in Cyprus?

I'm currently based in Cyprus and wanted to invest euros into the world's stock markets via index funds with low expense ratios. Research thus far into retail investing options here isn't promising. ...
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Why do Vanguard Mutual funds have slightly better performance than their ETF counterparts?

I'm trying to understand why in general mutual funds tend to very slightly outperform their ETF counterparts. I've put an example here but it seems to be true for the majority of mutual fund / ETFs I'...
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How can I purchase new assets for my Roth IRA while residing in Canada?

I'm a US citizen and currently reside and study in Canada. My Roth IRA is currently at Vanguard (in the US). While I reside in Canada, they do not allow me to purchase new assets with the funds that ...
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How can I gain exposure to long term treasuries across the entire globe?

A "Long-Term Treasury" fund typically holds US government debt with a long expiration date, for example, 20 to 30 years in the future. It is frequently cited as a useful portfolio component ...
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Vanguard Four Fund Portfolio

I have been a huge fan of vanguard index funds ever since I was 15 years old. I remember saving up my allowance and minimum wage job to make the $3,000 minimum investment in the s&p 500. My ...
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Make a SEP contribution to a traditional IRA

I have a traditional IRA with Vanguard that originated as a 401k rollover (so they call it a Rollover IRA). This year I have a lot of self-employment income, and I am qualified to make a SEP IRA ...
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Is there any way to pay Vanguard account fees without it counting as an IRA contribution?

I have a small Vanguard traditional IRA that I maintain but don't contribute to. Because I want to continue to get paper statements, there is an account fee that I haven't paid for two years. ...
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What is the unhedged version of VBU?

I know I should be able to find this, but I don’t see it listed anywhere online. I want to find the Canadian version of Vanguard’s total US Bond index (BND), I see VBU but this is hedged against the ...
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How do I do an in-kind transfer of funds from an individual to joint account in Vanguard?

For a few years I had an individual brokerage account in Vanguard where I invested in some mutual funds. Now I decided to open a joint brokerage account with my wife and transfer these funds to this ...
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Avoiding estate taxes on US ETF investments for non-US citizen

Typically I have been investing in Vanguard ETFs e.g. VXUS, VTI etc. via a US brokerage (Drivewealth). As I near the $60,000 limit for the estate tax exemption (non-US citizen, resident outside US, no ...
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Why would an employer 401(k) plan prevents Roth assets from being exchanged into the SDBO Self-Directed Brokerage Option (SDBO)?

A Self-Directed Brokerage Option (SDBO) allows 401(k) plan holders to invest their 401(k) money directly into U.S. Equities, ADRs, ETFs, Publicly-traded Limited Partnerships, Publicly-traded REITs, U....
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How to retrieve the current holdings from ETF's like VTI

I'm trying to retrieve the up-to-date list of all holdings for an ETF like VTI. There is a list here: but it's very hard to ...
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