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Average stock value calculation

Let's say I buy 1000 shares of ABC for 10$ each. Avg. Cost : 10$ Six months later I sell 500 shares for 12$ each. Total earnings: 1000$ Question: should I include the earnings in the formula of the ...
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How to calculate average in intraday trading of NSE/NIFTY equity shares?

I am beginner in intraday trading of NSE equity shares in Zerodha. Sometimes I have failed to calculate the average when I trade the same shares multiple times during the same day. For example: ...
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Dollar cost averaging with variable frequency

I have started to invest in Tesla shares, but they are expensive given my budget. I have a budget of about $1000 a month. I can't use monthly dollar cost averaging because I would either buy 1 or 2 ...
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How do you automatically invest with Interactive Brokers?

I've been using Interactive Brokers for a while and would like to implement an automatic trade in a regular (say monthly) interval. Specifically, I would like to dollar-cost or value average a fixed ...
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Average Price and Percentage Gain

I am finding hard to arrive at the average price when there is a sell happened at much profitable price partially Could you please advice me to arrive at the average price and the % gain for the ...
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How do I calculate my average price for a share bought multiple times?

Let's assume below as my transactions: bought 10 at 120 bought 20 at 150 sold 15 at 170 What will be the average price of my holdings i.e., for 18 shares. Is it 110 ?
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Value averaging and back-end fee

Value averaging (VA) is said to be outperforming dollar cost averaging (DCA) most of the time. But, as far as I know, most financial articles don't concern about the impact of back-end fee on VA ...
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Dollar Cost Averaging (Or value averaging) vs Lot sizes, what am I missing?

I just got my first trading account, in Singapore, and was trying to see if I could use Dollar cost averaging myself on, say STI ETF. But I found out that the stock orders had to number minimum of 100 ...
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Value averaging vs lump sum

I know there is evidence out there which suggests that a lump sum investing approach will outperform a dollar-cost averaging approach approximately 2/3 of the time, e.g.
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What does "average revenue growth" over multiple periods of time mean?

In particular, given 10 years of revenue data, what is "average revenue growth" understood to mean? The arithmetic average of the 9 yearly growth rates The geometric rate of return Something else No ...
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How does Value Averaging work in practice?

I saw this question about value-averaging and had researched it a while ago without understanding how to apply it. In theory, the idea is that you contribute to your account so that the total value ...
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How to determine desired/required value with "value averaging"?

As opposed to dollar cost averaging (DCA), value averaging (as described in this eHow article) is a technique where the investor determines the value the investment should have after a given time ...
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