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Strange electricity charges on apartment move-in & move-out

Upon moving out of my current apartment, I noticed my electricity demand nearly quadrupled despite no difference in behavior. The next month's usage (not pictured) is identical to this new much higher ...
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How much would it add to my electricity bill to turn on my bathroom's water heater in my condo? In Atlantic City, New Jersey

I've been keeping it off since I moved in, but it would be nice to take some hot or warm showers. I'm not sure how much electricity it uses, but if someone tells me what to look for, I'll check the ...
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What is a utility biller?

I came across this credit card which offers 5% cashback on utility billers like electricity, gas, water and more and 0.5% on any category which does not get the 5% cashback. However, I will take that ...
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Are solar cell panels and wind mills worth the money?

Besides being more environmentally friendly is it worth the investment in solar cell panels and wind mills for home use? Is it possible to be "off the grid" completely?
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Are heating protection plans (furnace warranty) worth the money?

Is it worth the money to buy a heating protection plan to cover an existing or recently out of warranty furnace? My gas utility company which provides the hot water boiler keeps offering to cover the ...
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