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Questions tagged [utah]

Use this tag for questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of Utah in the United States.

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HOA fees before my house is ready

We are building a townhome in Utah. The original timeline was that it would be done last year but have had a number of delays. No surprise there, but starting late last year, we have been getting an ...
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How long until a 1031'd property can be a primary residence?

I'm hoping to 1031 a rental property and then move into it myself for a bit. As far as I can tell this is fine, even when setting the mortgage to "primary residence" but how can I find out ...
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Sell our home or rent it?

Scenario & Question We are trying to decide if we should sell our home or rent it out because it's in a good location. Would it be better to rent out our home or sell it and invest the gains (50k)....
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Can an Orthodontist charge you more later on due to over calculating?

I went to the dentist for a cleaning March 2020. I had said while there that my mouth hurt as well as my jaw. The dentist recommended I see the orthodontist and asked if I had time that day for a ...
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New York state income taxes for out of state remote worker [duplicate]

I am looking at taking a job offer from a company based in New York. The position is fully remote and I live in Utah. I have been trying to find information on what my state income taxes will look ...
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Utah, USA - Best Option to Minimize Capital Gains on Real Estate Sale(s)

Scenario I bought a primary residence in Utah on 06/2020 RE in UT boomed (21% for my residence) and I'd like to sell Additionally I have property I've owned since 2007 I'd like to sell while the ...
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Utah state tax for 401K income of a part-time resident

We have about $48,000 Social Security income annually and will receive about $36,000 401K income by the end of next year. We will stay in Utah for the first 3 months next spring and then move to ...
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As a 16 year old, how can I keep my money safe from my mother?

I am 16 and still in HS and work 20+ hours a week. I live with my mother (my Dad left us when I was a kid and I don't see him anymore). My mother is an alcoholic and has trouble keeping a job. I don't ...
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Can My Employer Charge Me a Fee to Get a Mailed Check Instead of Direct Deposit?

I have preferred to receive paper checks instead of direct deposit, as I find it easier to keep track of. However, my employer has now announced that there will be a (quite large) fee associated with ...
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