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The United Services Automobile Association

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Converting cash without a bank

I have around $5k in cash that I'm carrying around. My bank is USAA. USAA does not have a physical location or ATM within hundreds of miles of me. I don't want to carry this cash around. I've ...
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Why doesn't my bank ask me why I'm doing a chargeback?

I've had to do a chargeback a couple of times over the past several years. In one case the chargeback was approved, in the other case it was denied. In neither case was I asked for a reason why I ...
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Importing transaction history from USAA into GnuCash

I was able to export a .csv from my bank, USAA. However, when I attempted to import the CSV, I was met with errors, and kind of fumbled my way through it. However, after it was imported, none of the ...
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Do visa gift cards show up in bank account history?

I have the USAA banking app and can see where purchases are made and how much. I was wondering if I got a visa gift card and bought something with it, would it show up in my history in my bank account?...
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Car Insurance Bill: Should I pay the minimum amount due or the statement balance?

According to my USAA auto insurance bill: minimum amount due: the lowest amount due for your policy to remain current statement balance: the balance of your billed policy premiums at the time of your ...
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Insurance broker - Online vs. physical location?

I have had my home & auto insurance with USAA for a couple of years now, and have never filed a claim. I have heard people recommend finding a broker with physical presence, to deal with face-to-...
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Military personnel funds transfer scam

I was contacted by someone who claims he is in the military stationed overseas. He said he could transfer fund from his account to mine. Just wondering if this is true. I am not interested in ...
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What kind of company is USAA?

I'm a member with USAA. My membership eligibility is based on family membership. I'm a little bit confused about what kind of company USAA is. I have the general idea that it is a company that ...
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USAA bank: What are the requirements for membership? Military only?

I've been hearing more and more about USAA bank on the radio. I've asked around and some friends have indicated to me that their rates are the best around the US for any type of personal lending. ...
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