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How to setup a canadian CIBC bank account, from the US?

I am an international student (US citizen currently residing in the US). I will be going to university in Toronto Canada in a couple of weeks. I have arranged to pay rent for a single room apartment, ...
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Will my taxes be increased after receiving green card?

Today, I am informed that my green card application is approved and I will receive my physical green card in the next week or so. I work as a graduate research assistant in a University at South ...
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Should I follow Robert Kiyosaki's advice and drop out of college?

Robert Kiyosaki's books completely changed the way I look at my education. Robert Kiyosaki said that "'A' students work for 'C'" students, so I thought: what's the point in being an 'A' ...
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In the UK, do I need to pay income tax if I only work for 1 year and I don't exceed the yearly allowance?

I am getting paid 17.5k (with 4% going to pension) during my work placement (that's part of my studies). It started in September 2019 and it ends in August 2020. Since the tax year breaks in April, I ...
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Placement student savings account

I have started a placement year (full time job for 14 months) as part of my university degree. I am looking to save a regular amount of money each month - something that would gain interest (if ...
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How safe/secure is the Universities Superannuation Scheme?

I don't know if this may be too broad, but I was hoping someone can give me some guidance. I don't know a huge amount about pension schemes (or finance for that matter!) but I have a job opportunity ...
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Beta of portfolio containing stocks and risk free assets

(c) Tilly Tiepy has an equally weighted portfolio comprising 30 stocks and a risk free asset. The average beta of the stocks of 1.2. Tilly has half the value of her portfolio in treasury (exchequer) ...
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How to report a money laundering scam that is recruiting on a college campus via social media? [duplicate]

I know, I know; "Is this a scam?", yes, I had to ask. As of recent, I have heard 3 separate people in conversation on my campus mention a "sales job" they undertook after being contacted on LinkedIn ...
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How to enter correct amount in Non-US tax return in CSS Profile?

My question is regarding the vagueness of the point underlined in red in the picture below. How can I differentiate what amounts to put in "wages, salaries, commissions and tips" and the amounts from "...
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How much money from a 529 college savings plan can be applied towards rent when a university offers several tiers of accommodation?

I attend university in the United Kingdom but have a 529 college savings plan in the United States. As I understand it, money from this plan can be used to cover my off-campus housing expenses. ...
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Are there any regulations regards end of loan payment procedures?

When I was a student, one of my student loans was a Federal Perkins Loan. I was done paying the loan fully about 5 months ago. Since then I called couple times to the university asking about it, and ...
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My university has tranfered me money by mistake, and wants me to transfer it back

I am a PhD student. I have a scholarship, which pays out a stipend each fortnight -- it is not employment. Sometimes the university might transfer me money as reimbursement. Sometimes, separately to ...
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Student Loan for International Students in the US

I live and work in NJ. I am getting ready for a Part Time Program to enhance my career. University has clearly mentioned me that they will not provide any Scholarships. I am responsible to find the ...
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Is the MBA an overrated degree/qualification? [closed]

Several people have recommended that I not earn a Master in Business Administration (MBA) because it "is overrated". Why do people say this? Is it true? Can you please explain to me? If your ...
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Can Ontario university students apply for the "30% off Tuition" or any other significant grant offered by OSAP if they attend school outside Ontario?

My daughter is on her way to Dalhousie this fall. I'm almost certain I read (a few months back) that she was eligible for the Ontario 30% but now it appears as if she is not (maybe I originally mis-...
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