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Is "" the official website of the central bank of Ukraine?

Numerous websites have been encouraging people to donate to Ukraine, to their official government, via this website. (Note: ctrl+f "en" to find the English switcher.) Is this website legit (...
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Doing contracting work in a foreign country, who are taxes owed?

I have a question about taxes in relation to the following: A British citizen has a work permit in a foreign country (Ukraine). They work full time here. They also do contracting work remotely for an ...
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Send money to Ukraine without automatic USD-UAH conversion [closed]

This used to be possible with Western Union. The other party would go to the WU kiosk and pick up dollars. But now they started converting to UAH automatically, which gives a much worse rate than what ...
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Is this GoFundMe response a pattern of scam behavior?

I have a GoFundMe campaign, and I received what looked like donations taking me to my target level, and then were rescinded by GoFundMe on a message saying something like the funds not being obtained. ...
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How can I safely transfer a small amount of money to Ukraine from the USA? [closed]

I'm interested in buying something from a person who lives in Ukraine, a country which isn't served by PayPal (they can't receive payment). The price is a couple hundred US dollars - far from small, ...
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How would I need to prove to the IRS I paid foreign taxes if I take the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?

I'm a US citizen (I have no other citizenships) who's been living in Ukraine for several years. I've passed the 330 days out of US test. I have a permanent Ukrainian residency permit, and I'm married ...
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Employment income in Sweden and self-employment in Ukraine

I hold a double nationality: Swedish and Ukrainian. Currently, I am employed and live in Sweden. Since I'm not a tax resident of Ukraine, I do not declare any taxes there. Next year I may take ...
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Should I try to hedge my emergency savings against currency and political concerns?

I'm planning to save 15% of my income for emergencies. I live in Ukraine and I am concerned that the local currency may not be stable long-term. I'm also worried about the possibility of banks closing....
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Is it possible to decline a received bank transfer?

If I received a payment I haven't expected, could I decline it so the money would be returned back to the account they were transferred from? I'm in Ukraine if it makes a difference.
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Would it save money to have company pay for living expenses by taking it out of salary?

If one necessarily has to live in an apartment in order to be able to perform work for a company (e.g. relocation to a big city in Europe), would it one save money (in taxes, etc.) if the company ...
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How can I invest money in stocks via USA broker, while being a citizen of Ukraine?

How can I invest money in stocks via USA broker, while being a citizen of Ukraine? I don't want to go through brokers in my country, because we don't have a good legal system and a lot of corruption, ...
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