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Form W8BEN-E type of beneficial owner

I just opened a FZE in UAE. An FZE is technically a LLC with a single shareholder, who owns 100% of shares, and who is also self-employed with a defined salary and a payroll. I'm filling out form ...
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How to calculate Municipality fee, Service charge, and VAT for restaurants in Dubai

Restaurants in Dubai charge Municipality fee, Service charge, and VAT. Let's say all Prices are inclusive/exclusive of 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fee and 5% VAT. How can I calculate this? ...
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I shared my bank account number and my name, can they drain my account?

I shared my bank account number and my name with my gmail info with an online trading company. Do I need to worry? Can they drain my bank account?
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Money transfer returned but not received by the sender

I was sent a money transfer from the UAE. Unfortunately, I gave details of my closed account to the sender. The receiving UK bank could not credit the money to an account so returned the amount to the ...
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I gave my full name and phone number and details to deposit money on my debit card for me to make a purchase for them

I gave my debit card number ny full name and phone number and my email address and password to someone so they could deposit funds to my card to make a purchase with and then mail that purchase to ...
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Tax on remittances from UAE to India

My son is working for a company in the UAE. His salary is paid there in AED and every month he transfers some money to his mother's account in SBI. Does my wife have to pay tax on that?
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Joint Account Signatories

If joint account have three signatories and instruction says account operates with joint signatures without any further specification of "any two", how many signatures are required to do financial ...
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Transfer of Indian rupee account funds to UAE to open business

How can I transfer from my rupee account in India a sum of Rupees 25 lacs to my UAE bank account, for investment purposes for starting my own business.
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