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For questions related to inventory or asset turnover.

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Do payments into my bank account in the day to day business of managing my friend's/client's property count as MY turnover? (England)

I helped a friend manage her property on Airbnb. The Airbnb money went into my account, the costs came out of my account and I transferred to her 50% of the profit (keeping the other 50% for myself)....
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Calculating the decrease in effective yield from turnover rate of ETF

I want to invest in a high dividend ETF. Two ETF's that I'm comparing are: SCHD Distribution Yield TTM: 2.57% SEC Yield (30 day): 2.92% Portfolio Turnover: 15% Net Expense Ratio: 0.07% 1 Year tax ...
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Anyone please explain the meaning of turnover in this pic?

To my knowledge turnover in share market context is number of shares traded divided by total shares outstanding. But in this case the turnover is $42,919,227 denoted by $ sign other than a ratio, and ...
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How does Portfolio Turnover affect my investment?

I am looking at investing in a mutual fund and reading over the Fund Summary Prospectus. There is a paragraph that says Portfolio Turnover The Fund pays transaction costs, such as commissions,...
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Where to find turnover / average amount of time investors & mutual funds held stocks they purchased?

In the book The Intelligent Investor, Jason Zweig mentions the annual turnover rate for stocks on the NYSE, that is the average amount of time investors and mutual funds held stocks that they ...
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How to compare expense ratio and turnover of two funds?

Can someone tell how to compute a single number based on expense ratio, turnover, and possibly tax rate that can then be used to compare the net expenses one can expect to incur between two funds? If ...
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