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For questions about using Intuit's TurboTax software

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Must I select "The cost basis is incorrect or missing on my 1099‑B" in TurboTax in the case of vested RSUs?

I file my US taxes via TurboTax as a US lawful permanent resident. Some of my RSUs vested in 2021, which I partly sold in 2021. My employer uses E-Trade for RSUs. E-Trade reports on Form 1099-B that ...
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Should I choose Itemized or Standard deduction?

I see I am saving more when I choose Itemized deduction, even though its less than standard deduction. Is that normal? And in this case should I choose itemized and disregard recommendation of Turbo ...
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When you e-file your taxes with TurboTax, does Intuit get a copy of your personal information?

When you e-file your federal taxes with TurboTax's PC software, do the tax forms go through Intuit's servers, or are they submitted directly to the IRS somehow? i.e. do Intuit servers ever see a copy ...
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Is it worth it to buy TurboTax Premier over Deluxe if I sold investments in a taxable account?

I sold investments in a taxable account in 2013, include shares from an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP). I have always used TurboTax and am planning to again, but I'm trying to decide which ...
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the correct place to report foreign income

Doing taxes by both Turbotax (TT) and TaxAct (TA), I get different answers to my relatively simple situation. Here is the summary of their respective calculations: line# Entry Turbotax TaxAct 1 ...
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3 answers

Preventing tax underpayment penalty

I had some short term capital gains in 2017 which resulted in underpayment penalties both in my Federal and State taxes. I have about $5K in crypto-related short term capital gains for 2018 to report ...
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How do I report "rent" payments from a domestic partner in TurboTax?

I own a condo which I live in with my domestic partner. She pays < $1500 per year in "rent" which I use toward the HOA + property taxes. How do I report this income in TurboTax? I am not really ...
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