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Questions on the Thrift Savings Plan, a retirement account available to civil servants and military personnel in the United States.

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Is the Thrift Savings Plan a 401k plan, a 403b plan, a 457 plan, or none of the above?

Is the Thrift Savings Plan a 401k plan, a 403b plan, a 457 plan, or none of the above? If it is none of the above, then where are the rules and regulations of the plan defined if not in the U.S. Code?
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401k Rollover with TSP

I have been researching what do with a an old 401k and there is a lot of information on the pros and cons of rolling it over into a new 401k plan versus an IRA. I also have a TSP account with a small ...
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Is there a tax penalty for rollover from Thrift Savings Plan(TSP) to 457(b)?

I have non-roth funds in the TSP and have separated from the military. I'd like to move this to a public employee sponsered 457(b) so I can begin contributing again. Are there any IRS tax penalties (...
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Would compound interest work better if all my accounts were combined into one?

My wife and I currently have three retirement accounts from different jobs. The only one currently getting paid into is my TSP account. Would we realize better gains if we combined the other two ...
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Retirement Savings Advice

just a typical financially illiterate American guy here looking for advice on how to make my retirement more financially fit. Soon I will be a U.S. federal government employee and will therefore have ...
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Should I use a TSP loan?

I am considering using a TSP loan versus a credit union loan to finance the purchase of our next vehicle. I am trying to weigh the relative costs (both direct and indirect) between the two options. ...
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Consolidating TSPs: Military and Civilian

My wife has two TSPs, one from military service and one from her work as a civil servant. Now that she is no longer military or civil service, I understand we can roll one of these into the other. Is ...
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Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) Share Price Charts

I'm looking for a good resource for TSP share price charts/visualizations. Something similar to Google Finance's charts. Any ideas?
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Can somebody give a brief comparison of TSP and IRAs?

If you can participate in a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) or you can have an IRA, generally speaking is there an obvious preference?
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