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Trading financial instruments either with or against the prevailing market trend.

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What the author meant by first test of a new high should fail and first test of new low should succeed?

The author says the first test of a new high should fail. The first test of a new low should succeed. Watch for a breakout or breakdown the next time around. I did not understand what he meant by fail ...
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Conditions affecting Markets [closed]

There are a large number of complex and often unknown reasons that markets move up, down or sideways, but if we were to prioritize some of them as the order of importance, would this list be accurate? ...
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How to draw trend line for an uptrend with noticeable discrete points

as you see in the following picture, the A waves are ascending(rally) and the B waves are also ascending(again rally) so there is no swing point, in the other words there is no high and low point and ...
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How to interpret this conflicting trends in OBV and Accumulation/Distribution Indicator?

I know technical Indicators should always be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes it gets more confusing when two similar indicators give absolutely different trend. The First indicator in red is the ...
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Does this chart closely resemble a classic dead cat bounce?

There is a picture of a chart that looks like a dead cat bounce: I saw this in an undisclosed source. I have also read about what a dead cat bounce is. This chart resembles dead cat bounce closely. I ...
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How does "Losers Average Losers" relate to dollar-cost averaging?

Paul Tudor Jones was once pictured with a sign saying "Losers Average Losers". I've often seen this taken as a statement against trend trading. In other words, "if you keep doubling-down on positions ...
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Paradox - When to buy & when to sell a share?

Warren Buffett says buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. Taking into consideration the support and resistance levels, everyone is selling near the resistance level and ...
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How to calculate a trendline

I am trying to understand how trend lines are calculated, but looking at an example I found online I am having trouble understanding how the trendline was calculated. Where it says 1. Trendline break,...
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What is the difference between the MACD line, Signal line and the Zero line?

How do the lines differ and what exactly do they show?
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How do I analyse moving averages?

I have calculated moving averages i.e. SMA, WMA , EMA for stock which I am going to buy. I have infered : If you are long term investor it is better not to retain the share as price is decreasing as ...
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How is ATR multiple calculated in Trend "Turtle" Trading?

I have been reading a few books about trend trading and the famed "Turtle" strategy. One concept that is evading me is how the ATR multiple for risk is calculated. I think I understand how to make the ...
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