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Questions tagged [transfer]

A change in ownership of an asset, or a movement of funds and/or assets from one account to another. A transfer may involve an exchange of funds when it involves a change in ownership, such as when an investor sells a real estate holding.

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3 votes
2 answers

Sent wrong payment to right IBAN but wrong SWIFT. What will happen now?

I sent a payment to the incorrect SWIFT but right account number. The money hasn't been received at the other end. What will happen now?
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1 answer

Transfer Money from My Account in India to my account in the USA

I am an Indian citizen living in the USA. Can I wire transfer money from the my NRO account in India to my checking account in the USA? This money, I originally wire transferred from my checking ...
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19 votes
4 answers

Why are bank transactions not instant?

I asked myself why bank transactions take 2-6 business days to complete. How does the internal process of a transaction look like? Isn't it possible to redesign the process so that transactions are ...
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7 votes
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Moving current employer 401(k) balance into self-directed solo 401k?

Let's say my employer offers a 401(k). In general, this means I can only pick from a basket of funds to invest in. I prefer self directing my investments, and my broker offers a no-fee solo 401k. I ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is an in-kind transfer of existing shares into a Stocks and Shares ISA allowed, i.e. without selling + repurchasing?

Normally, the way to fund a Stocks and Shares ISA is to transfer money in, taking care to stay below the annual limit, and then purchase the stocks or funds from within the ISA. What happens, though, ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is the best way to move money to the US from Spain

I currently live in Spain and moving to the US in a couple of months. I do not have bank account in the US. I have around 8k euros in my Spanish bank account and my bank is suggesting me to close the ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Canada - Can I make an in-kind transfer to avoid paying capital gains?

I am planning on paying my girlfriend back 18K, which she plans on putting in her RRSP. Rather than sell funds that are in my non-registered investment account (which would cause me to pay capital ...
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0 answers

Are there tax implication on buying US stock while on a job transfer?

I work for a startup company in San Francisco and will be transferring to our London Office in April. Right now, I have vested a little over half of my allotted shares with the company, but have yet ...
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